Capital raised from Investors


Capital deployed to 15 early stage businesses


Full time equivalent jobs created in South Africa

At Vumela, we think that helping SMEs grow is the single most powerful way to transform South Africa – by creating jobs and addressing poverty. After all, many South African SMEs struggle to scale or fail altogether because they don’t have access to the necessary funding, skills or support.

vumela_home__What We Do

That’s why we provide venture capital funding, from R2 million up to R20 million, to South African SMEs who show potential to scale exponentially.

But businesses get much more than just funding:

  • We offer non-financial growth support that includes participation in our cutting edge accelerator programme for Scale Ups called 10X-e.
  • We’re majority black owned, so any shareholding we take will be considered black equity.
  • We provide access to market through supplier development relationships with many large South African corporates.



SMEs are often referred to as being in “the missing middle”. Why? Because they can’t access the necessary capital and growth support that they need, as potential funders view them as too early stage. But we see the huge potential for growth and subsequent job creation that SMEs represent. As impact investors, that’s where we come in.

vumela_home__Scale Ups

We invest in “scale-ups”.

These are established businesses that show untapped potential for growth and job creation, but need the funding and support to get there.


We invest for between five and seven years.

This means we’re in it for the long term through the good and the bad – so we’re your partners as well as your investors.

vumela_home__Many Sectors

We fund businesses in many sectors.

However, we don’t fund primary agricultural, mining, property or businesses in the “sin” industries (like alcohol or gambling).

vumela_home__Invest In People

We invest in much more than a business: we invest in people.

As impact investors, our focus is always on finding inspiring people who have boundless potential, and who share our core values. We’re also looking for people who are willing to develop themselves and respond well to coaching and mentorship.



vumela_home__Financial Backer

You get much more than a financial backer.

Besides funding for your growing business, you’ll also receive post-investment support to help you work on your business holistically and plan your future. This includes assisting with a unique growth strategy, as well as corporate governance and financial structures for your business.

As Vumela partners, management teams will also join our 10X-e Programme, designed to help talented entrepreneurial teams scale up their businesses through best-of-breed knowledge, tools and coaching.

vumela_home__Other Entrepreneurs

You’ll learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur often means you’re so busy with the day-to-day running of your business that you don’t have time to reach out or learn from others. Our bootcamps, which feature successful entrepreneur “super coaches”, will help you learn from those with invaluable experience.

vumela_home__Valuable Network

You’ll get access to a valuable network.

Network with other like-minded entrepreneurs through the 10X-e programme and make beneficial new contacts.

vumela_home__Black Ownership

Your business will be empowered.

Because we’re a majority black-owned investor, any shareholding we take in your business will translate as black ownership.



vumela_home__Track Record

Proven Track Record

We’re looking for established businesses with a proven market for what you’re selling.


Potential For Social Impact

We want to fund SME businesses that are able to scale and create jobs in the process.

vumela_home__Strong Leaders

Strong Leaders

We seek entrepreneurs who have visionary ideas, solid leadership skills and who are willing and able to build a growing team.


Defendable Competitive Advantage

If you are truly the best at what you do, then we want to hear from you.

vumela_home__South Africa

And finally…

Your company must be based in South Africa and because we’re all about keeping that money invested in your business, we don’t fund buy-outs.